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Expand your idea of what a storage unit can do for you...

     We  are all used to the idea of storage facilities dotting the landscape. And we all know common reasons people rent a storage unit such as emptying overflowing closets or basements, temporary usage during a move, housing extra vehicles over the winter or commercial overflow of inventory. But why limit ourselves by the typical reasons that additional space can benefit us. In the time since we've opened this facility, I've seen people rent units for a broader variety of reasons than i would've imagined.

     Summer is finally here and many of us have those seasonal toys that are lotsa fun but they totally take over our garage, driveway, yard, etc... Instead of parking your fishing boat in the side yard, killing the grass underneath it and having another obstacle to mow around, why not park it in a drive-up storage unit and just swing by on the way to the lake, hook up and go? 

    Along that same line of thinking, why not extend that to include your motorcycles or atvs? Our units are clean, dry and protected from the elements.( Also safe from your kids repeatedly hitting your prized possessions with their bats, sticks or basketballs all summer long.)

     Our customers have inspired so many new ideas and sitting in the office watching them come and go, making our facility a part of their normal routine, stopping in to say hi while out doing errands, picking up or dropping off "weekender" items has been an unexpected bonus.  What do your days off have in store for you? Honey-do list? Keep your tool chests here and pop in to grab stuff as you need it. Craft project with the kiddos? Store your excess materials here and only take stuff home as you need it

   Do you have an etsy shop or an online store? Make our facility your secure, humidity and temperature-controlled warehouse space. Are you a musician or performer of some kind? This can be your last stop on the way to a gig, show or performance. Your valuables will be safe and protected and out of the way. The possibilities are limitless and we look forward to all the new ways our family of customers discover to make this facility an extension of their home or business.

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Friday, 27 May 2022

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